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Laws of the Game Quiz Answers May 2015

1) Award Penalty, and Caution Defender who cannot be sent off because a Goal cannot be scored direct from a Throw-In, and thus is not denying a Goal-Scoring opportunity.

2) Awards a Corner Kick.

3) Allow play to continue, and then caution both Players when Ball goes out of play.

4) The Team which loses the Toss of Coin.

5) Send off Defender for violent conduct, and re-start play with a Drop Ball because the Ball is not in play until it

touches the ground.

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Laws of the Game Quiz May 2015

1) An attacker takes a Throw-In about 10 Yards from the Corner Flag. The Ball goes towards the Goal, and goes over the

Heads of Defenders and Attackers. As it speeds high towards the Goal, and looks like going in to the Net, a Defender,

standing in the Goal Area, punches Ball over the Bar. What action does Referee take?  

2) A Defender outside his own Penalty Area takes a Direct Free Kick and passes the Ball back to his Goalkeeper.

The GK misses the Ball, and it goes in the Net. What action does Referee take?  

3) During open play the Goalkeeper and an outfield Player change shirts and positions with each other without the

Referee noticing this change. What action does Referee take on noticing the change?  

4) Which Team takes the Kick Off at start of Game?  

5) At a drop Ball in the Defending Penalty Area, a Defender deliberately kicks an Attacker before the Ball touches the Ground. What action does the Referee take?

Answers will be added at the end of the month.